About Us

Comprehensive Classes

Wide variety of coding classes to fulfill your desire to learn.

Expert instructors

Our teachers will ensure the best learning environment.

Efficiently Paced

Our quick courses are perfect for your busy schedule.

Who We Are

Irvington CTI offers courses in Scratch, Python, C, and Java!

Launched in April of 2020, co-presidents Sanjhee Gupta and Charlotte Chau hope to improve the diversity in computer science and provide opportunities for many students to learn how to code!

Irvington CTI is committed to free classes and refined curriculum for all its language courses.

Our Team

Sanjhee Gupta


Sanjhee is a senior who loves to code and paint. She loves knowing that she might have possibly played a part in her students' computer science careers!

Charlotte Chau


Charlotte is currently a senior at Irvington High School. Planning on becoming a software engineer, she wants to spread her coding passion through Irvington CTI!

Jyothi Shankar


Jyothi Shankar is a senior at Irvington High School who loves STEM and coding. She can't wait to make an impact on the next generation of coders through CTI!

Sidarth Raman

Director of Curriculum

Sidarth is currently a junior at Irvington High School. He is determined to spread his passion and coding knowledge through Irvington CTI!

Sophia Zhu

Director of Tech

Sophia is a junior at Irvington High School. She loves coding, math, and playing the violin. Her goal in CTI is to help others develop their passion for coding.

Praneet Joshi

Director of Publicity

Praneet is a junior at Irvington High School. His hobbies include reading about electricity and its concepts, coding in C, and learning about cosmology.

Lakshana Viswa

Director of Finance

Lakshana is a current senior at Irvington High School this year who hopes to promote her passion for coding through Irvington CTI while giving back to her community!